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Nishant Dubey

Nishant Dubey

  • AVP, Data Analytics
  • IN
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My motivation behind volunteering for this project: I could leverage MI reporting knowledge to create dashboards which was used by CS partner organization, to enhance their plan related to financial inclusion & gender diversity across the globe.

Project & My Skills: The project helped me in gaining an overview and exposure to an NGO working and learning new BI tools, like Power BI.

Impact of my participation: Automated excel MI report & imparted/shared knowledge with Power BI tool & demonstrated it's functionality.

Memorable experience: Working with very talented people & new BI tool helped me in expanding my knowledge & gaining knowledge from partner organization's management.

Megan Calcaterra

Megan Calcaterra

  • HQ Manager
  • United States

Nishant's work helped reduce knowledge gaps on data visualisation tools, especially Power BI, leading to increased internal capacity for our team. He helped update our KPI template, which is solving reporting issues in the short term before implementation of Power BI reporting. Nishant took on new challenges and went the extra mile to help out in areas that were new to him. He helped us to identify skills gaps in our team and with partners and plan which training programs would be most suitable to us/partners. He also ensured that our Digital Financial Services KPI tool was suitable for use in the short term. But most memorable of our experience working with Nishant is his kind and thoughtful demeanor.

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