International Blue Cross

3011 Bern, Switzerland Bern, Switzerland


The International Blue Cross (IBC) is a non-governmental organisation that works towards giving people all over the world better prospects by mitigating drug- and alcohol-related illness, as well as societal problems. As an umbrella organisation and international development cooperation partner, we are currently active in 37 countries through our affiliated member organisations. Our work includes the implementation and promotion of alcohol- and drug prevention programs. We offer therapy and counselling services for affected people and also work in the areas of political consultancy and lobbying all over the world. In the last few years, we have mainly focused on implementing activities in developing countries, and thereby especially prevention programmes for children and young adults aimed at supporting disadvantaged boys and girls in- and outside of school.


IBC advocates for the globalisation of justice, which includes all people - also those, who are most excluded from society. 

A society free of violence, oppression and addiction-related illness

– this is our vision.


Our work has a long-standing tradition: it goes back to 1877, the year the Blue Cross was founded by the Swiss pastor Louis-Lucien Rochat. Together with other dedicated people he took care of people affected by alcohol, who did not have any support at that time and were excluded from society. With time, the work of the Blue Cross became known beyond the Swiss borders, which in 1886 lead to the founding of an international umbrella organisation, the International Blue Cross (IBC).