Schweizer Jugend forscht

Aarbergergasse 40 Bern, Switzerland


A small but excellent group that manages a large network of partners and experts from the heart of Bern. The small, fine group - that's us. The core team of Schweizer Jugend forscht. However, without the support and cooperation of partners from industry, science, business and public institutions, we would not be able to organize all of our activities for the benefit of courageous, curious and interested young people, and we would be only half as good at enabling young people to gain experience in the world of research with our various offers.




At the beginning of the 20th century, the young Adolf Portmann was hardly allowed to indulge his scientific curiosity. At that time, the funds were too limited, and the range of scientific funding initiatives for young people was too small. In 1967, at the age of 70, the biologist from Basel, who later became well-known, took these experiences as an opportunity to take over the presidency of the first national competition of Schweizer Jugend forscht SJf. In 1970 he founded the foundation of the same name, which has developed into a socially recognized national platform for scientific youth development.