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With no more flights, travelers can publish their holiday experience, share pictures and give each others tips and by doing so inspire others to try an environmental conscious holiday without checking into a plane. Because the world is worth the changes we need to make together. Let's get more people to!

The page is highly functional and good looking - at least in our humble opinion :) Now it is time to get traction beyond the people we know and get the message of eco-friendly travelling out there. We are looking for a social media expert, who is excited about our mission and has ideas how to get thousands of people behind it. 


  • Brainstorm, design and help us implement engaging marketing campaigns around
  • Find a way to share interesing no-flight adventures from on our insta account - get people hooked to our stories!
  • Content Marketing - help us understand: What could our audience be interested in? What can we offer in terms of sustainable traveling content?
  • Partnerships - there are endless cool traveling projects out there - draft ideas for win-win partnerships that promote the vision of sustainable traveling

Resources provided

We are experienced digital product creators with years of building tech for good. What is missing is the "sales perspective". We are ready to explore the ideas you bring and build new features in lightenig speed, should there be the need for it. 

And we are here to get our hands dirty - and to support your marketing work 100%, whenever you need us to get active. We want to learn from you how to build an audience and community. We believe in ownership and know that creative experts like you need the freedom to bring their ideas out. So we will give you the space you want, while forming a team together. 

We are flexible regarding start- and enddates of our collaboration, let's chat to catch your needs!

Milestones launched

This is done! The platform is live and fully functional ✅

1000+ followers

Build nomoreflights community on Instagram

100 no-flight adventures shared

Every holiday adventure shared is an inspiration to travel with a low-CO2 impact.

10.000 platform visitors

Get traffic on

Skills & Languages

We are looking for an experienced social media enthusiast who cares about sustainable travelling - this person's volunteering job will be to ignite others with exciting posts and campaigns, so really has to love travelling and believe there is a way to do this in harmony with our environment. We are happy for a hands-on mentality, someone who wants access to our accounts and goes wild with them :) but also is excited about a zoom call together to brainstorming a bigger strategic narrative. 

And in the end, volunteering is about doing good while you are having fun. So we are looking for someone who really enjoys this work and wants to use some hours a week to dream and share about holiday destinations and the sunny side of life!



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About the Non-Profit

no more flights

Overview is a sustainable travel platform for exciting holiday ideas that don't pump extra CO2 into our world.


We believe in slowing down, taking in the views and enjoying the world respectfully when traveling. Because the world is worth the changes we need to make together.

We want exciting holiday ideas that are environmentally conscious. Every holiday adventure shared is an inspiration to travel with a low-CO2 impact.


We are Dom & Luise, two tech4good enthusiats who care about social justice and climate action. We have launched No More Flights in 2021 to start a movement of "New Normal of Traveling".  

After a year staying mostly home during Covid Crisis, we all have "Fernweh" to see the world. But we also witnessed how healing it was for the planet to have significantly less planes in the air. No more flights exists for like-minded people who want to share their experiences of traveling with a smaller footprint and for those who are curious to explore this way of traveling.

Luise Müller
Project Leader
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