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Below is an overview of the projects we are supporting on the platform, their status as well status updates for projects that have been funded

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With 40 years of experience researching the needs of women and developing financial solutions for their security and prosperity, Women's World Banking knows that bringing women into the formal financial sector reduces poverty, increases equality, and has lasting intergenerational effects.

We design market-driven, women-centered financial solutions, invest in women-focused financial institutions, and help to shape policy environments in emerging market to create greater economic stability and prosperity for women, their families, and their communities. The beneficiaries of our work include low-income women and girls in developing countries.

Our co-actors comprise a global Network of cross-sector partners including retail banks, mobile network operators, fintech companies, governments, multinational corporations and funders, which today includes 56 organizations in 31 countries, with a collective reach of 69 million women. These network members serve as implementing, catalyzing, and strategic partners that help achieve Women’s World Banking’s mission.

Our mission is to expand the economic assets, participation, and power of low-income women and their households by helping them access financial services, knowledge, and markets.

The idea for Women’s World Banking came out of the 1st World Conference on Women held in Mexico City in 1975. Three visionary leaders, Michaela Walsh, Ela Bhatt, and Esther Ocloo identified access to finance as a key barrier for women to become full economic actors throughout the world. Four years later, Women’s World Banking was established with Michaela Walsh as its first President.

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