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The Polish Children Fund was founded by prominent Polish doctors and scientists in 1981 to support exceptionally gifted children to enable them to fully develop their scientific and artistic talents. The innovative, original, complex program aims to support young people who cannot find opportunities to fully develop their potential in the local environment (both at home and at school). By helping them, we try not only to create the right conditions to broaden knowledge and enrich skills, but also to strengthen their motivation and build the belief that their development can and should serve society.


During a school year The Fund propose to its scholars’ wide range of activities conducted by the most notable Polish scientists and artists:

  • interdisciplinary, science and art camps,
  • seminars,
  • workshops
  • research internships
  • subscription to scientific magazines
  • concerts
  • exhibitions
  • financial support

The beneficiaries of the program are over 500 students from Polish primary, secondary schools yearly.

Over 40% of the Program participants are young people from rural areas or towns below 20 thousand inhabitants. Most of the scholars are young people whose environment does not provide them with opportunities to contact anyone capable of helping them in broadening their knowledge and interests. Apart from providing a unique opportunity to work in the best laboratories and the best universities, the Program also aims to form attitudes, especially natural curiosity, inquisitiveness and the desire to develop, as well as long-term motivation to work. Talent and drive for knowledge are the main criteria of admission to the Program.

Participation in the Program is free of charge. The Fund covers all costs including accommodation and traveling.

There are two elements distinguishing the Fund from other such programs:

  • voluntary work – all people involved in creating the substantive content of the program are volunteers. All classes and activities are conducted by volunteers, starting from students and PhD candidates and ending with notable scientists and artists. Every year around 300 people are engaged to share their knowledge, experience and passion. All activities are coordinated by office team – 8 employees only.
  • tutorial system – during all activities (camps, seminars, research internships) the participants are supervised by tutors who help them in solving problems concerning factual knowledge as well as logistics. Most of them are former Fund’s scholars.


Participation in the Program is a way of helping young people from backgrounds with low social and scientific capital, prone to losing the motivation to develop their passions and talents, especially those that are less typical or particularly demanding. Contact with their peers with similar interests or notable representatives of the domains of science or art they are interested in helps them to remain in their chosen path of development.

We have been running our program for many years with young people in mind who want to develop their interests and abilities, working on difficult issues and facing real scientific problems.

That is why we give our pupils access to laboratories, libraries and archives, the opportunity to undertake research work under the guidance of excellent specialists, concerts, exhibiting art works and participating in workshops led by outstanding artists.

We do all this to excite curiosity about the world in talented young people and give them tools to satisfy it. All scientists and artists cooperating with us are volunteers. They share what they can, with good will and belief that it is worth introducing new students to a world that fascinates them.

 This is the world we create and open to our pupils - interesting and full of kindness.

For almost 40 years The Polish Children’s’ Fund has supported talented youth in developing their curiosity and scientific passions. We give our participants (“scholars”) unique opportunities to build relationships with the scientific community and be involved in authentic research activities. Our program takes a holistic approach, in that it not only develops our scholars’ specialized interests and skills but, crucially, shapes their attitudes and character. We aim to reach young people from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

The Fund would now like to scale up its impact by creating a network of teachers who will support talented students locally, and popularize our philosophy of work with talented youth in the wider educational system, which struggles with problems such as mass education limiting creativity and curiosity, and social injustice.

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