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The Stiftung IPT is a non-profit organisation and brings around 50 years of experience in the professional (re)integration and (re)orientation of people with difficulties in the labour market and/or with a health impairment. Every year, the importance of professional integration of young adults increases. Its goal is their sustainable integration for all participants into the free economy. The Stiftung IPT has 26 locations in the three main language regions of Switzerland and works in partnership with public and private social insurance funds, institutions, companies and doctors.

Based on the mission - Enabling people to develop their potential in order to be "in the right place at the right time", the Stiftung IPT accompanies job-seekers in their professional (re-) integration. The target group includes people of all ages, from young people in need of support in finding an apprenticeship to long-term unemployed people with many years of work experience a few years before retirement. The goal in each case is sustainable integration into the free economy and a professional activity that matches the individual's skills. In its approach, the foundation combines individual coaching for the empowerment of the participants with various group modules for personal development and professional (re)orientation. Another central aspect is sustainable awareness-raising and acquisition work in the companies in order to expand the Foundation's partner network. This enables the implementation of internships for the participants and contributes to the successful placement rate.

The Stiftung IPT was founded in 1972 by entrepreneurs from Geneva as a non-profit organisation  with the aim of supporting employees who could no longer work for health reasons in their search for a suitable job. Since then, the field of action has broadened so that people with various difficulties in the labour market are accompanied in their professional (re)integration and the foundation addresses the needs of a broad public with a diverse range of support services. In this context, the area of inclusion of adolescents and young adults has become much more important with the introduction of various services since 2008. Around 5,000 people are accompanied each year, of which about 2/3 find a new job.

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