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Founded in 2011, Empact is a social enterprise with a social mission to build the capacity of social organisations in Singapore and the region. As a capacity builder to non-profits and social enterprises, we serve as an intermediary to our corporate partners where we match and manage their resources, expertises and skilled volunteers with the real needs in the social sector.  

Much of the matching, in most cases require us to design and develop customised activities or programmes for a meaningful exchange or partnership between corporates and social organisations. This is to ensure a win-win for both parties towards a sustainable and effective social impact.

In the bigger scheme of our social mission, we bridge the capacity gap in the social sector with other stakeholders such as government agencies, grantmakers and volunteers to provide social organisations access to affordable (or pro bono) and professional services that are critical to their daily operations.  


Empact bridges the capacity gap of social organisations by:

  • Channelling skilled volunteers to provide training and consultation 
  • Matching mentors to guide social entrepreneurs in their personal development
  • Outsourcing accounting and payroll services to ensure compliance in these critical areas
  • Adopting technologies / digital solutions to improve productivity
  • Sharing frameworks and tools to accelerate their growth

At Empact, our mission is to build the capacity of nonprofit organisations and social enterprises, so that they can scale their social impact. Find out more here: empact.sg

When Empact was founded in 2011, our initial engagement with the social sector started with smaller sized organisations and supporting them with their outsourcing of finance and accounting through our shared services.

To date, Empact has impacted more than 1,771 social organisations in the region of all sizes and multiple business functions (finance, HR, marketing, fundraising, digital etc.) and mobilising up to 10,7169 volunteers. In 2020 alone during the pandemic, we completed 100+ projects which generated cost savings of $2 million per annum for these participating organisations.


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