We are a ‘TECH FOR GOOD’

We believe that people want to engage and do something purposeful in their lives. We want to make it easy for volunteers and non-profits to collaborate and do good. We want to build an ecosystem for social impact, which motivates volunteers to engage, apply their creativity/skills and spread positivity.

Who We Are

The Copalana association is a social start-up that develops and operates the Copalana ecosystem in collaboration with strategic partners and passionate volunteers.

The founders of the association are Paul Ryatt and his three millennial children, who want to inspire others to do purposeful work.

Based in Lucerne Switzerland, the family-team decided to actually do something about contributing to the solution, rather than just talk about the problems our world faces around the dinner table.

The millennials helped defined the requirements and explained to Paul what the next-generation users expect in terms of giving and the digital experience.

With a long career in IT behind him, Paul wanted to brush up on new technologies and started to develop a prototype. Over the course of a winter in front of the fire place a working prototype of the crowdfunding platform emerged.

Numerous volunteers also helped along the way. The contributed their time, energy and knowledge to define, shape and test the solution. We wouldnt be where we are today without the help and support of our passionate volunteers and ambassadors.

CHF 5m

Funding Raised









Copalana is a purpose-driven organisation. We operate as a Tech-For-Good and provide our platform free of charge to non-profits and volunteers.

Copalana aims to bridge the new and the old. We understand that systemic transformations in the corporate world take time. We help our corporate partners provide their valuable skills and resources to non-profits by directly connecting their employees to projects on the ground.


  • We don’t charge any transaction costs on crowdfunding
  • We don’t charge any fees to post volunteering assignments on our platform

In return of providing free services to the non-profits, we expect them to:

  • Provide transparency of how the funds are used
  • Provide status updates to the donors
  • Create success stories and engage their supporters

Corporate Partners

We rely on our corporate partners to sponsor/ license our platform and services so that our small team can focus on building the next-generation giving platform.


We are committed to providing free services to volunteers and non-profits. This is possible thanks to our sponsors who help cover our operating costs.


Our ecosystem makes is easy for volunteers, non-profits and corporates to connect and collaborate.


We ensure diligence and transparency by vetting non-profits and encouraging status updates on the projects.


We enable companies, non-profits and individuals to share their success stories and spread positivity.

Our Core Team


Paul Ryatt



Michèle Ryatt

Community Outreach


Stephan Ryatt

Product Owner


Gina Birrer

Non-Profit Engagement