We are a tech for Good

We believe that people want to engage and do something purposeful in their lives. We want to make it easy for volunteers and non-profits to collaborate and do good. We want to build an ecosystem for social impact, which motivates volunteers to engage, apply their creativity/skills and spread positivity.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a global community of passionate social advocates who want to help make a difference.

So many amazing individuals have inspired to help build Copalana. Numerous volunteers have contributed their professional skills during the design, development and rollout of Copalana.

We are grateful for their comittment and passion to help develop an social-impact ecosystem for next-generation engaging and giving.

We continue to grow thanks to volunteers who care and want to do good.

We Believe

We Believe

We believe that volunteers want to engage and become part of the solution and do good.

We believe that corporates want to act responsibly and care about more than just generating profits.

We believe that non-profits want do more to provide transparency with their work and impact.

How We Operate

How We Operate

We are a purpose-driven organization and want to enable others to collaborate, join forces and do good.

We want to provide our services free of charge to non-profits and volunteers.

Together with our corporate partners we vet all non-profit organizations who join our ecosystem to ensure feasibility, transparency and trust.

We rely on corporate sponsors and foundations to support our team so that we can focus on developing services that make our ecosystem thrive.

Talk To Us

Talk To Us

Copalana Association

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Passionate Social Advocates

Join our community of advocates to help spark and enable change.

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We are committed to providing free services to volunteers and non-profits. This is possible thanks to our sponsors who help cover our operating costs.


Our ecosystem makes is easy for volunteers, non-profits and corporates to connect and collaborate.


We ensure diligence and transparency by vetting non-profits and encouraging status updates on the projects.


We enable companies, non-profits and individuals to share their success stories and spread positivity.