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Copalana’s New Gift Cards Make Impactful Giving Easier Than Ever Before

The COP 26 climate summit highlighted the urgent sustainability challenges our planet is facing. Time is of the essence and everyone needs to act - waiting for nations to implement their plans is simply not going to be enough.

Corporate Volunteering 2.0: Copalana Launches Skills-based Volunteering

Our planet and our society need sustainable solutions to pressing problems, which by 2030 we want to make possible with the UN Sustainability Goals. Today's generation of employees is looking for more meaningful work and non-profits need help to increase their social impact. Copalana creates synergies that meet these needs thanks to the support of businesses and non-profits.

New Crowdfunding Platform - Copalana Changes the Way We Give

The new Copalana crowdfunding platform modernizes the digital giving experience in terms of cost, transparency, and community building. In collaboration with Credit Suisse, Copalana embarked to build a next-generation giving platform and provide an integrated solution for companies, non-profit organizations, and advocates in Switzerland who are committed to doing good and acting responsibly.