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Madison Square Park has remained open since the pandemic closed down much of New York City last March. It is gratifying that this civic space is utilized by neighbors, families, workers, and communities. As well, protesters have gathered in the Park prior to marching, confirming the flexibility of a public park to accommodate so many. Our Park staff’s hard work ensures Madison Square Park remains a green oasis in an ever-busier neighborhood, and we rely on neighbors like Credit Suisse to help sustain our mission to steward this beloved and historic civic space.

Credit Suisse has been a key partner to Madison Square Park since 2003. The Conservancy is grateful for generous support from the Credit Suisse Americas Foundation and to our many friends at Credit Suisse who have joined us in the Park to paint benches, mulch garden beds, rake leaves, plant bulbs, string lights, and help with special events. Through much-needed volunteer support and direct contributions, Credit Suisse helps make Madison Square Park a clean and green oasis for our community. Thank you!

Madison Square Park Conservancy’s mission is to protect, nurture, and enhance Madison Square Park, a dynamic seven-acre public green space, creating an environment that fosters moments of inspiration. As stewards, we strive to engage the community through our beautiful gardens, inviting amenities, and world-class programming. We believe that in an urban setting everyone deserves access to a park that allows for recreation, respite, and reflection.

Madison Square Park has been important to New Yorkers for more than 300 years. Designated as public space in the very first city charter in 1686, our Park has witnessed such historic moments as a display of the arm and torch of the Statue of Liberty in 1876, America’s first community holiday tree lighting in 1912, and the 1924 dedication of the Eternal Light Memorial Flagstaff.

The Park fell into disrepair during the ensuing decades, and at the turn of this century members of the community raised funds towards a capital restoration of the Park, completed in 2001. Madison Square Park Conservancy was then formed to steward that investment, and now funds 100% of operations and programs. The Conservancy’s work has made the Park a beloved haven for neighbors, commuters, and visitors in an increasingly energetic area of the city; and has fueled the neighborhood’s ongoing economic development.

The Conservancy is responsible for horticulture, maintenance, sanitation, security, and public programs –including rotating public art exhibitions, talks, and tours. Madison Square Park welcomes a diverse range of more than 60,000 daily visitors across every age and demographic. Our site, programs and exhibitions are free for all, as well as fully accessible in compliance with ADA regulations.

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